RWB Dog Tags: A Lifesaving Bond Between Veterans and Rescued Animals

In honor of Veterans Day, FOX5 highlights the impactful work of a local nonprofit, RWB Dog Tags, dedicated to pairing veterans coping with combat-related trauma with shelter-rescued animals.

RWB Dog Tags

A Healing Partnership

Meet Tom Clark, a Navy veteran of 22 years, residing in North Las Vegas with his 16-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, Magnus. Clark, who served in the Persian Gulf, Somalia, and Panama, battled both physical injuries and PTSD. Struggling with the aftermath of his service, Clark found himself in a dark place, contemplating suicide.

Enter Magnus, a tiny dog with a massive impact. Clark describes Magnus as his lifeline, pulling him from the depths of despair. Magnus not only wakes him from nightmares but serves as a constant reminder of unconditional love and support.

Red, White, and Blue Dog Tags: Saving Lives Two at a Time

Roxie Johnson, a combat veteran and Master Trainer with RWB Dog Tags, explains the organization’s mission: saving both veterans and dogs. In the 16 years since its founding, the nonprofit has rescued 230 dogs, benefiting 147 veterans.

“It is about a year-long program, depending on the dog. We go through intensive training tailored to each veteran’s individual needs,” says Johnson. For Clark, that means assistance in navigating large crowds. Thanks to Magnus, Clark recently realized a dream European vacation.

More than Training: Comprehensive Support

Beyond training, RWB Dog Tags and its volunteers cover the costs of pet food, medical expenses, and even pet deposits for renters. Veterans interested in the program need only a note from a doctor or mental health professional to initiate the process of obtaining a service dog.

The Transformative Power of Companionship

Clark emphasizes the transformative nature of his bond with Magnus: “I am now indestructible because him and I, we are a team. It ain’t him. It ain’t me. It’s us, always…this dog has saved my life, period.

Supporting the Cause

RWB Dog Tags welcomes donations to continue their vital work. If you’re interested in supporting this program that brings hope and healing to veterans and animals alike, you can learn more and contribute on their website: [R.W.B: DOG T.A.G.S.](insert link).

In celebrating Veterans Day, RWB Dog Tags stands as a testament to the resilience of the human-animal bond, proving that, together, we can overcome the darkest of times.

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