Traffic Chaos in Plymouth as A38 Crash Causes Evening Rush Hour Standstill | Police incident on a38 today

A38 Plymouth trafficIn a disruptive turn of events during the evening rush hour, the A38 in Plymouth has come to a standstill following a crash on the westbound side just before 5.30 pm. The incident has led to partial blockage of the A38 Expressway Westbound near Forder Valley Interchange, causing extensive queues and delays for commuters.

Accident a38 today in Plymouth

According to reports from the traffic monitoring website Inrix, the A38 Expressway Westbound is partially blocked, with queueing traffic due to the accident. Heavy congestion is evident on the dual carriageway, and traffic maps illustrate the extent of the disruption in the area.

Devon and Cornwall Police have been contacted for more information regarding the crash, and updates on the situation are expected to be provided as more details emerge.

As the incident unfolded, eyewitnesses captured scenes of standstill traffic at Marsh Mills, showcasing the impact of the crash on the flow of vehicles. Pictures submitted depict the frustration of commuters dealing with the aftermath of the accident during a busy evening rush hour.

One eyewitness provided an account of a separate crash on Wolseley Road involving two cars. According to their description, the crash occurred at the junction on Wolseley Road, with one ambulance and one police car present at the scene. Although traffic was still moving, the eyewitness could not ascertain the extent of the damage, stating that it did not appear to be serious.

Images from the scene on Wolseley Road highlight the immediate aftermath of the crash, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced by emergency services and the impact on local traffic conditions.

In Plymouth, where two cars were involved in the crash, the community now faces the repercussions of disrupted travel plans and increased congestion. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of traffic accidents and the importance of caution on the roads, especially during peak commuting hours.

As authorities work to clear the blocked section of the A38 and manage the aftermath of the crashes, commuters are advised to stay informed about the developing situation and consider alternative routes to alleviate the congestion on the affected route.

Current Traffic Disruption: A38 Expressway Westbound Incident Causes Severe Delays

As of 18:15 on 23/11/2023, the A38 Expressway Westbound in Devon, specifically near Forder Valley Interchange, is experiencing significant disruptions due to a reported accident. The incident has resulted in the complete blockage of the westbound lanes, leading to severe delays for commuters in the area.

Key Details:

  • Location: A38 Expressway Westbound, near Forder Valley Interchange.
  • Nature of Incident: Accident, causing a blockage of the westbound lanes.
  • Extent of Delays: Severe delays reported, with congestion stretching back to Deep Lane Junction.
  • Impact on Traffic: The incident is affecting traffic on all approaches to Marsh Mills Roundabout, particularly from Tesco in Plympton and Laira Bridge in Plymouth.

Data Sources: Information on this active incident has been gathered from multiple sources, including Highways, INRIX Speed Sensors, and the Police.

Current Traffic Conditions: The congestion resulting from the incident has had a ripple effect, reaching back to Deep Lane Junction and causing complications on all routes leading to Marsh Mills Roundabout. Commuters are advised to anticipate delays and plan alternative routes where possible.

Travel Advisory: Motorists are urged to stay informed about the evolving situation and consider adjusting their travel plans accordingly. The severity of the delays suggests a prolonged disruption, emphasizing the importance of patience and caution on the roads. Updates on the incident will be crucial for those planning journeys in and around the affected area.

This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of road travel and the necessity of adhering to traffic guidelines to ensure the safety of all road users. Authorities are actively working to resolve the blockage and alleviate the congestion, and further updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

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